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The RFX Collective Is A Safe Space

What does it mean when we describe our RFX Collective classes as a "safe space?"

To us, a safe space is an environment that fosters creativity, growth, inspiration, and support. Our promise to you is we, the RFX Collective instructors, will always do the best they can to guide you through class, ensuring that you understand what is being taught and why. We will foster an environment that allows for communication and connection. We will make time for you when we can, inside and outside of the studio. We will do our very best to respond to emails and correspondence in a timely manner, and resolve any questions or concerns that may arise as efficiently as possible. We will support and encourage you, and every student in the room, to the best of our abilities. We will not make assumptions about anyone's gender, pronouns, sexuality, disability, ethnic identity, or life experiences, and we expect you to do the same.    But a safe space can also only be a safe space if you are willing to participate. Active and thoughtful participation is required by everyone within the RFX Collective to create and maintain an inclusive, safe space.  In our classes, and in any dance class, we gently remind you to be kind to everyone in the room, including yourself. We encourage you to allow yourself to move your body without fear, because we promise that no one in the room is watching you with judgement or negativity. Go into dance classes knowing that you will make mistakes. We encourage you to welcome these mistakes with open arms, because each and every mistake made is a step closer to magic. We encourage you to encourage other students in the way you want to feel encouraged - offer a genuine compliment to your fellow dancer if they move in a way that you admire. Show up to your classes with a positive attitude and commit to trying your best, because your movement, your intention, your vulnerability and your drive just may inspire someone else in that room. Ask questions, your instructors are ultimately there to push you to grow by giving you tools, tips, tricks, and techniques. But it is ultimately up to YOU to put in the work. How can you best achieve your dance goals? Practice, practice, practice!

Promise yourself that you will be patient with yourself as you embark on learning something new. Do your very best to leave all doubt, expectations, comparison, judgement, and projections at the door. You may be pushed out of your comfort zone, but instead of fearing the unknown, applaud yourself for trying something new and challenging! Surrender to your feelings as they come up when you move and allow yourself to experience all of the emotions that come along with learning fully - frustration, joy, release, empowerment, sensuality, envy, and more. You will work to accept that all insecurities aren't going to immediately disappear just because you have enter a safe space. A safe space is, at times, a work in progress, where you can work to let go of those insecurities and those hesitations by surrendering and committing to each and every movement that leaves your body. We ask that you take care of your body, pushing yourself only within your own limits and tending to any weak or injured limbs. Be true to what you can or can’t do physically and/or emotionally at any given time and communicate this with the instructor and/or the room as needed. We ask that you accept that you may sometimes feel awkward, sometimes feel overwhelmed, sometimes feel frustrated, and sometimes not have a damn clue what you're doing. But you have to trust that it's all a part of the process. Becoming a great freestyle dancer is a journey, not a destination. Trust that you are enough, wherever you are in your dance journey. Every move you make is a step towards who you want to become and what you want to be able to create.   In our classes, we will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, violence, abuse, or bullying. We will not tolerate poor attitudes, judgement, gossip, or shaming. Reports of any complaints or disturbances can be sent via email, to one or more of the following: Larissa Kovalenko, Founder - Heather Morris, YYC Managing Partner, - Alexis Zacharko, Marketing Director -

Shae Spencer, Creative Assistant - shae@rhythmfx.caWe at the RFX Collective are committed to taking all reported issues and concerns seriously and they will be addressed as efficiently as possible. As we are a small team, we may not have the expertise or authority to mediate all conflicts, or provide advice on conflict or crisis resolution. However, we will assess and manage circumstances and situations in the best interest of our collective vision towards creating safer spaces, potentially consulting relevant professionals and/or organizations if necessary.

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